Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dam submerging a Portion of Cheer Sanctuary

While the wildlife officials are busy looking for new reintroduction sites for the Cheer Pheasants, a portion of the Majathal Sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh is slated to be submerged by the construction of a hydro-electric project - the Kol dam. About 9 sq. kms. of the sanctuary are going to be submerged when the dam, being constructed on Satluj river in Bilaspur district by NTPC, starts functioning in 2013.

A portion of the adjoining Darlaghat Sanctuary was denotified in 2006 to permit limestone mining for a cement factory.

Wildlife department officials are quoted to state that the department will be monitarily compensated for the loss of sanctuary land, which will be used for the Cheer conservation project.

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