Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why are the Pheasant habitats in danger?

Pheasant habitats, which include montane temperate forests and tropical rain-forests, have been reduced in area and disturbed drastically. The forests are a source of timber, bamboo, medicinal plants and other food sources, and are also being cleared for urbanisation and agriculture. Hunting, invasive species, and pesticides are some of the other threats to the pheasant species.

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Timber, coffee, tea, rubber, palm oil, and chocolate plantations are eating into rain-forest land. The ever present and growing demand for these products shrinks the wildlife habitat everyday. So, the next time you sip that cup of cappuccino, or lounge on that deck chair, think about how you are impacting the rain-forests.

Several NGOs, like the Rainforest Alliance, are promoting products such as coffee that is 'rain-forest friendly'.

Some countries in the SE Asian region have legislation making it illegal to harvest timber, and practise limited plantation forestry for timber. This timber is certified by the government.

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