Saturday, June 22, 2013

GHNP - Pheasant habitat on WHC list of nominations

The 37th session of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO is meeting in Cambodia (16-27 June'13) to decide about the inclusion of 32 new nominated sites of cultural or natural heritage significance. The Great Himalayan National Park, home to the western tragopan and 3 other species of pheasants, snow leopards, Himalayan black bear, and blue sheep - is also on the nominations list. In a report prepared by the IUCN, technical consultant to WHC, and submitted earlier this year, the IUCN had suggested that the present state of people's rights to resources in GHNP can be addressed in a better way, and the boundries of the protected area for World Heritage Site status can be expanded to include the surrounding protected areas as well. So, 7 days into the meeting, the status of GHNP is yet to be decided.

Two natural sites, one each in China and Namibia, have been selected today. 6 cultural heritage sites from India - i.e. 6 forts in the state of Rajasthan - were also selected for the WHS status today.

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