Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pheasant species in the 'threatened' category

33 of the 49 species of pheasants are listed as Endangered, Vulnerable or Near-threatened in the Red List. Together with other Galliform species, it makes this Order of birds, one of the most threatened with extinction due to deforestation and illegal hunting, among the birds.


Edward's pheasant
Vietnamese pheasant
Bornean peacock-pheasant


Western Tragopan
Blyth's tragopan
Cabot's tragopan
Sclater's monal
Chinese monal
Aceh pheasant
Salvadori's pheasant
Crestless fireback
Bulwer's pheasant
Brown eared-pheasant
Cheer pheasant
Elliot's pheasant
Reeve's pheasant
Mountain peacock-pheasant
Malaysian peacock-pheasant
Palawan peacock-pheasant
Congo peafowl
Green peafowl


Satyr tragopan
Swinhoe's pheasant
Crested fireback
Siamese fireback
Tibetan eared-pheasant
White eared-pheasant
Hume's pheasant
Mikado pheasant
Copper pheasant
Germain's peacock-pheasant
Crested Argus
Great Argus

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